Program Manager & Therapist

Kristine was trained by her Behavior Analyst father and Critical Care Unit mother at a young age to appreciate the fundamentals of behavior change. Kristine was known at Western Washington University as the “Rat Girl” after rats that she was training using non-aversive methods were “liberated” and set free (rats that had never been outside of cage, mind you). Kristine also produced research papers, publications and presentations in subjects ranging from cross cultural psychology to how humor develops.

After pursuing her education in Psychology, Kristine came to Portland to attend graduate school in Industrial Organizational Psychology, but her passion for working with parents (not to mention a house full of kids, an ailing grandmother and an extremely ADHD husband) redirected Kristine to consulting on cases or working directly with families for over 10 years. Because of her education in Psychology and her mind for business, Kristine primarily works “behind the scenes” and ensures the successful operation of the organization. However, when the case warrants some “mom-to-mom” talks or family therapy, Kristine is always ready to engage and our “go-to” person.

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