• Anger and Depression / Acting out behavior and aggression
    • Anxiety, trauma, early maltreatment, neglect or abuse issues and dissociative behaviors.
    • Mood disorders
    • Executive function disorders (e.g., ADHD, Dysexecutive Syndrome)

Family Counseling

    • Family conflict and turmoil, sibling conflict / parental conflict
    • Life transitions, difficult life changes
    • Divorce reactions resulting in challenging behaviors
    • “Failure to Launch” or adult children who return home with significant behavioral/ emotional needs
    • Challenges stemming from adoption /US or outside of US adoptions

Educational Counseling

    • School or Home conduct
    • Unsatisfactory performance (e.g., school, tests, sports, acting and music)

Behavior Change

    • Severe behavior dysregulation
    • Self-destructive behaviors/ self-injury
    • Risky behaviors (e.g., sex, drugs, violence)

Behavioral Medicine

    • Chronic pain and disease processes (e.g.,
high blood pressure, elevated cortisol, diabetes)

Behavior Analysis

    • Fetal Alcohol Effects/ Syndrome and Alcohol Related Neurodevelopmental Disorders
    • Intellectual Disabilities and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (e.g. mental retardation, Autism, and Asperger’s)

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