The MindWorks© Series: Opposition, Defiance, and Conduct Disorders

September 13th, 2012

Marylhurst University

Foster providers, Casemanagers, parents and providers participated in a NeuroBehavioral Concepts workshop at Marylhurst University today. The learning objectives for today’s talk was for the participants to be able to:

  • žKnow the difference between Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder
  • žKnow how a history of trauma can mask as Opposition and Defiance
  • žLearn about “countercontrol”
  • žUnderstand what Multi-Modal treatment is and how it can help
  • žLearn how partnerships between schools, churches, clinics and even other parents can help

Attendees engaged quickly and many discussions centered on what could be done to clarify diagnoses and then how best to work with individuals impacted by these disorders. Lonny focused on the concept of “not setting a limit that you cannot enforce”.

Attendees gave the talk a 9.05 out of 10 on a workshop participant feedback form and made these great comments:

“Right on description of my child’s behaviors! Great helps for staying calm.”

“The topics are so timely and important. Lonny gives such practical info.”

I appreciated “the open forum for learning and the conversations”

I loved the “give and take, info sharing.” This workshop provided “valuable ideas, information and tips!”

“Stop asking for things you can’t control!” – was especially helpful to me.

Lonny interacted a lot in the workshop with us, that really helped you get the concepts.

“Thank you for a very useful training – many are just talk, this wasn’t”

We look forward to seeing you all at our next talk in October on the topic of Fetal Alcohol and Alcohol Related Neruodevelopmental Disorders. Click here for the link.