Sarah was an attractive young woman from a successful family. Sarah struggled with debilitating anxiety and mood swings. She had a series of tumultuous relationships often ending in a dramatic return to home. Her parents worried that she was a “failure to launch” as she revolved in and out of their home. Her parents also worried whether or not they were actually helping or perhaps even harming her with what they began to refer to as “enabling her to just destroy her life while we watch.”

Sarah was pretty easy to engage and after consulting with Mom and Dad, we all decided that her needs were such that we initially should meet daily. We completed a series of biological, psychological and sociological assessments – some with our consulting psychologists. We connected her with one of the psychiatrists with whom we have a good relationship and helped to stabilize her medically with some changes to her mental health medicines.

Within two weeks, we were able to back the frequency of our meetings down from 5 times per week to twice per week with Sarah and one meeting a week as a family. About 6 weeks from the time we first met Sarah, she began to report feeling more stable and under control. Sarah’s Mom and Dad reported feeling like they, “were on the right path for once.” Sarah continued to make progress in our treatment and uncover unresolved issues and conflicts and was able to take on part-time employment.

Soon, Sarah was able to move to an apartment and her parents were able to slowly fade their financial support. Today, Sarah continues to see us – on her own steam for supportive therapy.

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